UAB “Gijona” provides EMS (electronic manufacturing services) – electronic panel assembly services.

Automated surface mount technology (SMT)

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  • Construction of surface mounts components with highly productive equipment YAMAHA YS12, YSM20 and INOPLACER HPX from company HEEB-INOTEC.
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: smallest housing of passive components – 0.3 x 0.15 mm, largest housing – 45 x 100 mm, H – up to 15 mm; largest dimensions of the printed board are 390 x 450 mm; there is possibility of mounting components with spherical wires.
  • The technologies of UAB “Gijona” enable using reflow of solder paste in convection oven SEHO GoReflow 2.3 and vapour phase souldering machine IBL SV 360.
  • The accuracy of the SMT component installation is checked with the Nordson Yestech BX AOI automatic optical inspection machine


Manual assembly


  • THT (through-hole technology) components are assembled manually  
  • The soldering process takes place using the wave soldering machines SEHO PowerWave (soldering in nitrogen environment), SEHO GoWave and ATF
  • WELLER soldering irons guarantee the highest quality of soldering.
  • The washing processes of the assembled products take place using the washing machine ÖKO 2000.
  • Functional testing may be performed on the customer’s request


BGA/SMT Rework System

  • The ERSA IR 500 Rework System is a compact solution for the widest variety of rework and repair applications with BGAs, SMTs and conventional assemblies. The variety of components it can handle range from the tiniest SMT chips through BGAs and SMT connector strips to large, plated through-hole components (up to 60 x 60 mm).

Computerized storage and accounting

  • Computerized storage and accounting of parts may be performed.

UAB “Gijona” guarantee the optimal price and quality ratio of products. A good team of professionals and modern technologies enable us to achieve high quality standards. All works are being performed in accordance with the IPC-A-610D manufacturing standards and special requirements of a specific customer.



UAB “Gijona” Kokybės vadybos sistemą sertifikavo TÜV CERT TÜV Thüringen e.V. (sert. Nr. 15 100 85490)

 UAB “Gijona” Kokybės vadybos sistemą sertifikavo TÜV CERT TÜV Thüringen e.V. (sert. Nr. 15 100 85490)

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