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UAB Gijona offers production services for cables and wires and various electrical engineering parts. In order to meet the customer’s needs and expectations, we provide the following services:

  • assembly of electromechanical and electronic individual units and devices of various complexity;
  • preparation of a wide range of individual wires and cables (by soldering to contacts, pressing various nozzles and carrying out other operations);
  • pressing of nozzles (2.5-50 mm2) on current cables (at the customer’s request, specific nozzles can be produced);
  • preparation of wire and cable bundles;
  • installation of terminal blocks and connectors;
  • production of flat multicore IDC cables;
  • functional computerised control of prepared wires and cables.

Toroidal transformer winding

UAB Gijona provides toroidal transformer winding services, which are performed using a Jovil Universal 4.5LSMC microprocessor-controlled winding machine or a Jovil Universal 4.5LS winding machine. Winding transformer parameters:

Using a #2 subminiature winding head:

Wire diameter – 0.04-0.25 mm;

Minimum unwound transformer outer diameter (OD) – 10 mm;

Maximum wound transformer outer diameter (OD) – 25 mm;

Minimum wound transformer inner diameter (ID) – 3.5 mm;

Maximum wound transformer height (HT) –19 mm..

Using a #4 winding head:

Wire diameter – 0.06-0.45 mm;

Minimum unwound transformer outer diameter (OD) – 13 mm;

Maximum wound transformer outer diameter (OD) – 70 mm;

Minimum wound transformer inner diameter (ID) – 6 mm;

Maximum wound transformer height (HT) –50 mm.


  • toroidal core dimensions (OD, ID, HT);
  • number of turns for each winding;
  • wire diameter of each winding;
  • location of the beginning and end of the winding on the toroid;
  • interwinding insulation thickness;
  • which windings the insulation must be wound between and how many layers;
  • length and diameter of the lead wires;
  • high voltage value and which windings the high voltage test should be performed between;
  • primary and secondary winding voltage values.

Coil winding

The Aumann TW-1E coil winding machine can wind coils with the following parameters:

  • Wire diameter – 0.02-1.5 mm;
  • Maximum frame length – 50 mm;
  • Maximum frame diameter – 50 mm.

With the help of hot air, this winding machine can bond wires coated with special varnish. Coil windings bonded in this way become more compact and maintain better requirements for coils.

UAB Gijona carries out winding work according to each customer’s specific wishes and the documentation provided. The customer provides the materials to be used.


UAB Gijona is a Lithuanian-based electronics manufacturing company that provides services according to customer documentation. Our main advantages are our high quality, competitive prices, flexibility and reliability.


Telephone: (+370) 52820698


Kęstučio g. 1M, Lentvaris, LT-25124, Trakai District

Business hours: M-F 7:30-16:00.

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