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M-F 7:30-16:00


Based on long-term experience, UAB Gijona provides printed circuit board assembly services. The high quality of services is ensured not only by our experienced professionals, but also by the use of modern technologies. Our advantage is a flexible and customer-oriented order fulfilment process.

SMD assembly

Surface-mount devices are built with YAMAHA YS12, YSM20R and YSM20 high-precision machines.

Placement of component leads (THT components)

We provide placement of component leads.

The component wave soldering process is done with an SEHO PowerWave system (nitrogen environment), SEHO GoWave system or ATF soldering system.

At the customer’s request, the assembled products are washed with an ÖKO 2000 cleaning machine.

Optimum soldering quality is achieved with the help of soldering irons from Weller, a manufacturer of modern soldering equipment.

Functional testing of products is available.

BGA rework system

UUAB Gijona offers rework of electronic boards and BGA components. The ERSA IR 500 rework system that we use ensures safe soldering, desoldering, replacement and restoration of BGA components (up to 60x60 mm).

Computerised small parts storage

Small parts storage and accounting are computerised, which ensures accurate and fast storage, traceability and control of available components.

UAB Gijona offers customers the optimal price-quality ratio. The quality of electronic products is guaranteed by highly qualified personnel and the use of modern technologies. In production, the customer’s materials are used according to the customer’s specific wishes and the documentation provided. All work is carried out in accordance with IPC-A-610D Class 2 requirements.


UAB Gijona is a Lithuanian-based electronics manufacturing company that provides services according to customer documentation. Our main advantages are our high quality, competitive prices, flexibility and reliability.


Telephone: (+370) 52820698


Kęstučio g. 1M, Lentvaris, LT-25124, Trakai District

Business hours: M-F 7:30-16:00.

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